Warner Robins Property Maintenance

Property MaintenanceHarder Real Estate Group and its Warner Robins Property Maintenance division specialize in maintaining your property to be in rent-ready condition for years to come. Our Property Maintenance division has years of experience maintaining and preserving rental properties. Maintaining your rental properties can be one of the more stressful parts of owning a property investment. Harder Real Estate Group is ready to help with prompt, affordable and complete maintenance and repair services. We have a highly trained staff of skilled maintenance contractors who work in-house as well as an extensive list of area contractors we can contact to ensure that our maintenance services offer unmatched quality.

We will not perform repairs on your rental property without your prior approval if the repair is estimated to be more than $200. For significant repairs, we will gather bids from area contractors to give you repair options. Most minor repairs can be taken care of by our Property Maintenance Division for less than any area contractor can perform the repair. Such repair & maintenance problems are often less than $200.

Respond To All Requests From Tenants

With our full lease & management option, we will take care of all repair and maintenance requests for you. This keeps you from having to be directly involved with the tenant, while making sure proper repairs are made on your investment property as quickly as possible.

Yard Maintenance

Some owners choose to maintain the yards of their rental homes themselves. Some owner rather have the tenant take care of the yard maintenance, and some owners prefer year-round service from professional yard maintenance crews. Over the years we have assembled a team of landscapers that can take care of your rental property. During summer months, the yard maintenance often requires bi-weekly service. We ensure that your home makes the right first impression and has great curb appeal to tenants.

Home Warranty Repairs

If the tenant doesn’t pay the rent when it’s due, the we will serve a notice that the rent is due, follow up with the tenant, and give the tenant a certain time (usually 3–5 days) in which to pay. If the tenant pays the full amount in the time stated, we will not start the eviction process. If we do not get the payment after the allotted time, we will start the eviction process. Remember, it is always easier to work with the tenant to receive any outstanding rent amount. However, sometimes, evictions cannot be avoided.

Preventive Maintenance

We periodically inspect the properties to ensure plumbing, wood, roofing, etc. are in a good condition and then provide recommendations for maintenance and improvements that will maintain and improve the value of the property. Preventive maintenance often results in less repairs on your home. Many issues can be detected before major repairs are due, i.e. leaks, roof issues, HVAC, etc.

We encourage our home owners to get a bi-annual HVAC air conditioning maintenance plan. During the maintenance, the HVAC will get the air conditioner and heater ready before the season starts. Maintenance is usually done before hot summer months and cold winter months. Maintenance plans are fairly inexpensive (often less than $150 for bi-annual service) compared to one-time repairs and will ensure a longer life-cycle for your HVAC system. Please talk to us about bi-annual HVAC maintenance plans. We have partnered with professional air conditioning companies in Warner Robins, GA to get you the best prices on plans and huge discounts on repairs.

Lock Changes, Re-Key & Inspections

We encourage our owners to change the locks after your tenant moves out. Our maintenance team can re-key your home to be ready for a new tenant or change all the locks on your home at extremely low rates. Before you call a locksmith, please give us a call or email us and our professional technicians will take care of all lock changes and re-key’s.

We will inspect all repairs on the property to ensure that the work was done well before we pay any of the bills.

Warner Robins Property Maintenance Services

Our comprehensive property maintenance for the full leasing & management option include the following services:

  • We will handle all maintenance and repair requests from tenants and property owners.
  • We will supervise capital reserve projects and any 3rd party contractor work.
  • We will obtain bids for maintenance and repairs when requested by investors, homeowners or Boards of Directors.
  • We offer 24-hour emergency maintenance services.
  • We report on preventative maintenance repairs to homeowners, investors or Board of Directors.
  • We oversee all scheduled property inspections.