Rental Requirements

Property Management – Rental Requirements

Rental RequirementsWe thoroughly verify all applications before presenting them to our property owners. While each property owner we represent may have slightly different Tenant Selection Criteria, our normal acceptable applicant will need to meet the requirements below. If you do not meet these minimum requirements, you should contact us before submitting your application in order to discuss your particular situation and find alternatives in renting a property. We might be able to help you and suggest ways to get you qualified for one of our properties.

Requirements to rent a home:

  • 600 or above credit score (we do perform credit checks on all rental applications)
  • Monthly income of 3 times the amount of rent
  • No previous evictions


Criteria, Procedures & Application
Anyone over the age of 18 years occupying the property must fill out an application and submit a $50 non-refundable application fee. The application fee must be received before we can start the application and verification process. Acceptable methods of payments are cash, checks, money orders, credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks. Each online application must include an online payment by debit/credit card or electronic check.


Income, Employment & Background
After submitting your rental application for one of our homes, we verify employment, perform background checks, including criminal and sex offense history, and credit checks.

  • Income: On most of our properties, the gross monthly income for all tenants should be at least three (3) times the monthly rent amount.
  • Employment: We require verifiable employment history for the past three (3) years. Acceptable forms of Income and Employment documents are Tax Returns, W-2’s, bank statements with direct deposits, paycheck stubs, etc.
  • Credit History: We will obtain a copy of your credit report. You cannot provide the credit report to us, we will obtain this ourselves.
  • Criminal and Sex Offense History: We will check for inclusion in these databases.
  • Pets: Pet policies and pet deposits vary by home. Most home owners allow pets, but limit the number and size of pets. Please contact our office to inquire about pet policies for a property you a trying to rent.
  • Occupancy: The total number of occupants may not exceed two (2) per bedroom.

Applicants will be denied for the following or similar reasons:

      • False, inaccurate, or incomplete applications
      • Evictions, judgments related to rental residency
      • Current bankruptcy proceedings
      • Felony convictions and out of prison or jail less than 5 years
      • Multiple felonies, physical or violent crimes, domestic violence, sex offenses; and/or appearance on any sexual offense or terrorist database

Applicants may be denied or required to pay additional deposit or rent for the following or similar reasons:

      • Insufficient verifiable income
      • Excessive late or NSF rent payments
      • Broken leases
      • Property damages
      • Unpaid rent
      • Mortgage not current
      • Foreclosures
      • Credit scores under 600 or no credit score
      • Excessive credit collection balances or delinquent payments


Length of Application Process
Under normal circumstances, we can verify your application information and present our home owners with an acceptance decision within 1-2 business days if the application is complete and application fees are paid. Once an application has been accepted, the applicant must submit the holding fee in person by check, cash, or money order or pay the holding fee online via debit/credit card or electronic check. We require the holding fee to take the house off the market. The holding fee will be converted to your security deposit upon move-in. After delivering the required deposits, we will set up a time for us to sign the lease and go over our procedures.